Elmore Fiddle Camp
Randy Elmore

Instruction Levels & Camp Goals

This is our 16th Annual Fiddle Camp and we have three full days of instruction by some of the best, most accomplished, star-studded musicians around. Instruction will consist of Texas-Style Fiddling, Texas Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass, Celtic, Theory and Improvisation.

Students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 81, have attended the camp in the past. Our camp is for anyone who loves fiddle and guitar music and wants to learn more. Our advanced students come away learning approximately 20 new tunes each year. Note that students and adults have separate classes.

At the end of camp, a Camp Song Book with CD is available for purchase. This has all the songs taught from all the teachers in all the classes of all levels. The CD consists of the teachers playing the songs slowly and at normal tempo. All proceeds from the sale of the Camp Song Book goes into our Scholarship Fund.

Fiddle Camp creates wonderful camaraderie with fiddlers from across the United States. We have anywhere between 17 to 20 different states represented at our camp each year including Hawaii. We've also had students from as far away as Japan. Camp is a time of forming great friendships with other musicians as well as progressing to a higher level of fiddling.

Musicianship is what we are all about. Our desire is for students to be inspired by the musicians who are teaching them in order to progress in their own love of music. We know that inspiration also comes by seeing others your own age playing music and learning from one another. Students are sure to move to a higher level of musicianship after attending the Elmore Fiddle Camp.


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