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Reginald Rueffer     "Cont"

With my brother Chad (also a member of all three of my rock bands) I recorded two c/w CDs—one with the hardcore honky-tonk band The Insiders, Me and My Heart and My Shoes in 2004, and a Chad solo CD , Be Where You Are Now, in 2009.

My first foray into the teaching world was at the Randy Elmore 2010 fiddle camp in Cisco, Tx. Since then I’ve continued to perform with a number of bands and appeared on scores of albums—a great many of them with Justin Trevino at Heart Of Texas records. In 2012 I joined a Beatles tribute band, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Bluegrass Band, and we perform 2 or 3 times a month in North Texas, and have also performed in Louisiana and Oregon.

In 2015, I still do session work, appear occasionally with Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose band, and continue regular performances w Sgt Pepper. I enjoy meditation, cooking, traveling, studying Buddhism, cleaning stuff, reading and listening to silence. My favorite violinists include Itzhak Perlman, Stuff Smith, Svend Assmussen, Stuart Duncan, and Darol Anger (J. Gimble goes without saying!) I listen mostly to 20th century classical music when I’m not enjoying lectures on Zen and the art of being human, both of which I’m only marginally capable!

I play a Virgil Henry 1991 violin, #15, with either one of two bows: a Klaus Grunke of Leipzig, or a Vuillaume a Paris. For live shows I use a Baggs Acoustic DI w 5-band EQ, and a TC Electronic Arena Reverb pedal. My amp is a 30+ year old Peavey LTD 400. My wardrobe is courtesy of Kim Salgardo, my lovely significant other; my begging bowl, courtesy of PetSmart.








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