Elmore Fiddle Camp
Randy Elmore

Rich Schroeder

Rich was born into a musical family and has enjoyed music from a young age, in part because his father was a professor of music. Rich first started playing the 5-string banjo at the age of 15, and then picked up the fiddle years later.

Rebelling against the classical music scene, Rich went out  on the road to take his music to live audiences all around the U.S. with his traveling bluegrass band. Rich has played with Vassar Clements , and Kenny Baker, both of whom inspired him to take up fiddling. After creating some fine memories of playing the musical scene, Rich stopped traveling for about 20 years to raise his family.

Rich’s return to actively playing was precipitated by Johnny Gimble inviting him to attend the first fiddle camp held in Taos, New Mexico. He has since been increasingly active in the musical scene both in New Mexico and Texas.

He loves contest fiddling, swing fiddling, bluegrass fiddling, and is our ‘Bluegrass Ambassador’ at camp.


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