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Randy Elmore (continued)

Randy has a heart to pass down the tradition of fiddle music to all who love and appreciate it and to inspire those who haven’t quite made up their minds yet. He follows this through by working as Master Instructor with Texas Folk Life Resources which sends him to small communities to perform fiddle music to everyone in town. This is called the Community Residency Program. He plays for the schools, churches, nursing homes, clubs, mayors and city council, judges, and anyone who requests for him to come. Cindy Blackman, the Activities Coordinator from Spearman ISD said this, "After the session with the elementary choir, we had the opportunity to watch Randy [Elmore] work one-on-one with a blind student. Randy stayed past his schedule time to be with this little boy. Most of us were in tears after this session. The young boy has a special gift...Randy gave so much to him!" Randy has six albums to his credit. He has played fiddle, mandolin, and guitar on about 150 albums for other singers and musicians. As a composer, Randy has composed all types of music. His compositions also include classical pieces for string quartet.

Randy won the Texas State Fiddling Championship in 1975, 76, 81, 82, 83, and 84, and won the World Fiddling Championship in 1978 and 1984. Throughout his career he has won first place and grand champion in over 500 contests. In 1998 Randy was voted “Instrumentalist of the Year” at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso, New Mexico. In 1999 Randy was inducted into the “Western Swing Hall of Fame” in Sacramento, California, and in 2000 was inducted into the “Texas Fiddlers Hall of Fame” in Halletsville, Texas. July 2002, Randy had the honor of performing for the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay, South America, for their celebration of the U.S. Independence Day. Present were several Ambassadors from other countries as well as our U.S. Ambassador Silverstein.

Randy has two sons, Jody (daughter-in-law, Julie) and Jerry (daughter-in-law, Elizabeth). At this writing, Randy has six grandsons (Erik, Gage, Jess, Trace, Cash, and Caine) and three granddaughters (Paige, Tatum, and Grace). Randy has achieved Texas, United States, and World titles for his fiddling abilities and readily admits that his talents are a gift from God. Randy has said many times, “as long as the good Lord will allow me to make a sound on the fiddle and folks will keep coming to hear me play, I’m going to keep fiddling.”

Randy Elmore

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